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from Dr. Scarborough

My grandfather's grandfather had a long and successful career as a country doctor in Illinois, although he never set foot inside a medical college. He received his training in the field by observing and working alongside an experienced physician for a number of years.

I have in my personal library old "Doc Scarborough's entire medical curricula .. . two thick leather-bound volumes, the second of which has a certificate attached to the back flyleaf. That document was signed by his mentor attesting that the above named apprentice (my great-great-Grandfather) had attained the official status of a licensed physician.

It was United States President James A. Garfield who reportedly said of Mark Hopkins, the noted administrator and professor of Williams College: "The ideal college is Mark Hopkins on one end of a log and a student on the other." Such a classic pattern of teaching and training is the vision of CrossFire Christian College. "Personal and Practical" not only is the school's slogan, it is our unique guiding principle.

As a young pastor in the 1950.s, I gladly would have traded a year's study on a traditional seminary campus for one week's "internship" with a certain elderly minister whom I loved and admired . . . walking and talking with him, studying and praying with him.

This is the concept behind CrossFire Christian College. We offer undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity, not only to study under the teaching of an experienced and anointed man of God, but also to share life with him in an intimate, setting. At CrossFire Christian College, students can enjoy these "personal and practical" times of spiritual growth in Christian discipleship . . . and, at the same time, earn a college degree with an affordable investment of money and a minimal period of time spent on-campus.

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Dr Curt

Dr Curt Scarborough, President