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When God called me aside to study His Word, a decades' long desire while still in South Africa, I asked Him to direct me to a Bible College of His choosing.

God led me to the Bible College that Dr. Curt founded. My assignments were to write "teaching outlines" using the protocol that God gave to Dr. Curt. Immediately I became 'addicted' to the study of the Scriptures, and in two years God enabled me to complete all the Biblical degrees offered at the seminary.

I was blessed to attend the graduation ceremony, and was led by the Lord to begin volunteering at the seminary. Some months later, the Lord, in His own special way, gave to Dr. Curt a name for his 'teaching outline' methodology: "COME REAP".

A more appropriate name this could not have been, especially for me. God alone enabled me to obtain my degrees. I certainly 'reaped' a heavenly harvest, following God's 'come'. 

Even far greater, God called me to found an international college and seminary, and for six years, God has blessed me with bountiful harvest after bountiful harvest, and today over one thousand graduates, never before privileged to obtain a college degree, have been thrust into their ministries. The implement that God placed in their hands is known as the "COME REAP" methodology.

Dr. Dawn Paul 

Chancellor, Pillsbury College and Seminary International

Cotacachi, Ecuador

Dr. Curt is not only a mentor, but has become a spiritual father to me! For well over a decade, I have had the privilege of growing spiritually and academically under his leadership. God has given Dr. Curt a unique blend of spirituality, high level academics, as well as the experience of over 60 years in ministry. His intimacy with the Lord has been forged into him through decades of steady prayer and the study of the Word. This has enabled him to have a 'hearing ear' to the voice of the Lord. His academic pursuits, which include five earned doctorates, have enabled him to love the Lord "with all his mind". His ministry and life experience has forged within him a wisdom that cascades generationally. This triad of God-given resource positions Dr. Curt to impart those things which are "gold, silver, and precious stones" into the lives of so many sons and daughters... such as me! I heartily endorse Dr. Curt to whomever has the opportunity to partake of the richness of his life and leadership. It would be an investment which would produce eternal fruition.

Dr. Michael Shepard

Staff Pastor, Joyce Meyer Ministries

St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Curt is my mentor, teacher, friend and brother-in- Christ. I have had the honorable privilege to sit under his mentorship and leadership for many years now and consider myself to be a life-long student of his. I trust Dr. Curt as my teacher because he not only has over 60 years in ministry but he is a man that demonstrates his daily relationship with God personally and professionally and it is always the same. Dr. Curt is currently teaching me the COME-REAP method of bible study that the Lord gave to him 40 years ago for personal use, for teaching and which is also part of the CrossFire Christian College curriculum. This method will not only teach God’s Word in a very understandable way but will draw a student to a close relationship with God. To be a student of Dr. Curt’s is to receive the riches of all the knowledge and wisdom the Lord has given him over 60 years through prayer and studying God’s Word. I consider his leadership to be PRICELESS! I highly recommend CrossFire Christian College to those who want the experience and opportunity to learn from Dr. Curt as his teaching is filled with God’s wisdom, knowledge and the Holy Spirit!

Dr. Kymberly A. Hellmann, CPhD

Owner | Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor | Christian Life Coach, Harmony Christian Counseling, LLC

O'Fallon, Missouri

It has been my privilege to work with the excellent people at CrossFire College. My own experience was a number of years ago but those years have left me a stronger leader, equipped and better prepared for the challenges of ministry.

I had completed my undergraduate work and later my Masters' work, but was looking for something more. I needed something that would push me but be practical and hands on. This is exactly what I found at that time.

The course work was flexible. The instructors were helpful and each took a personal interest in my progress and work. The skills gained and tools sharpened were immediately put into practice. I have been better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of ministry because of my educational experiences. 

I am grateful for the educational experience and the training that I discovered through this program.

Dr. Stephen L. Hartwick

Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas

Several years ago, Dr. Curt Scarborough’s son shared with me that his father was teaching an evening Bible class at a neighboring church, and that he was just starting a new study on Angels.  I was fascinated, decided to attend, and got so much more than I anticipated!  Dr. Curt teaches the way I like to learn.  He makes the material come alive, sharing stories and examples that I can recall and retell.  As I look back through my Bible, I find notes I wrote years ago and can recall truths that he shared at that time.

Dr. Curt is intentional not to put his spin on any of the material, but rather he shows several examples of why he believes as he does, with Scripture to support his thinking.  Some of my favorite moments are when he points out Scripture verses which I’ve read many times but missed a vital point all these years.  I am a better student and believer for knowing Dr. Curt and enjoying every one of his classes that I have attended.  I will be his student for as long as he is willing to teach.  Thank you Dr. Curt!

Linda Sullivan

Congregational Care Director (Retired), Morning Star Church (United Methodist Church)

O'Fallon, Missouri

There is a great depth and encouragement in Dr. Scarborough's study system. This system keeps real scriptural context and at the same time gives the challenge of seeking revelation and application in our everyday lives. Focus remains on the bible as the active living word of God that leads to Christ Jesus. Dr. Scarborough is an experienced leader in the body of Christ and carries a history in the Lord that is infectious. His life and study plan is reproducible and will bear fruit for generations to come because the word of God is at the heart and center of the study and his life. Dr. Scarborough is a diligent mentor and a man of great spiritual character. I have personally benefited from his insight, wisdom and care. I would highly recommend him for any academic schooling program or for personal leadership and mentoring. He is a man of deep learning, love and faith. I look forward to working with Dr. Scarborough for years to come in this new school endeavor.

Victor Gerson

Pastor, Southgate Church

St. Louis, Missouri

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