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Crossfire Christian College

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Tuition at CrossFire is extremely affordable. You'll soon discover why many students and pastors choose CrossFire Christian College for high quality, low cost continuing eduction.

The tuition schedule for 2017 academic year is below.

Associate of Ministry, 60 undergraduate hours, $3,000

Bachelor of Ministry, 120 undergraduate hours, $6,000

Master of Ministry, 30 undergraduate hours, $2250

Doctor of Ministry, 30 undergraduate hours, $3,000


The total cost for the associate's degree before scholarships and additional discounts is under $4,000* and is itemized as follows:

Tuition – $50 /per undergraduate credit hour*', $75/per credit hour for masters, and $100/per credit hour for doctorate
Graduation fee – $50.00**

Transfer & Life Learning Credits – $10 /per undergraduate credit hour, $20/per for masters, and $30/per for doctorate *''

Audit – no charge
Books/supplies – $700 - $1,000 ($50.00 / average per course**')
Delinquent payments – ​1.5% per month
Returned check – $25.00

* This figure represents the cost for a full-time student--receiving the full-time student discount--before additional discounts and scholarships are applied, who utilizes the library for required textbooks. 
*' The associate degree at CrossFire Christian College is a 60 credit hour program. The bachelor degree is 120 credit hours. The master program is 30 credit hours. The doctoral program is 30 credit hours.
*'' All fees for students are due at the time of registration. Tuition and fees listed may be changed by the college without prior notice in accordance with established practices and procedures.
**The graduation fee is due at the time of registration for the student's final semester of study.
**' Each course involves at least one required textbook


Payment Options

Payment in Full
With the payment in full plan, all tuition and course fees are due in full in anticipation of the approaching course.

Monthly Payment
With the monthly payment plan, the semester cost of tuition will be divided into three monthly payments. 


Refund Policy

Tuition costs are refundable according to a graduated scale (below). Course fees are fully refundable (100%) only if the student drops the course during the first week of the program following registration.

​Percentage of Tuition Refunded
During first week                     100%
During second week               50%
30 days or later                       0%   


Need-based and merit scholarships are available. Click here to contact us for consideration.