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Crossfire Christian College

Biblical Studies

distance learning option

Associate of Biblical Studies

60 undergraduate credit hours

Student must complete twenty 3-credit hour courses using the COME-REAP textbooks written by Dr. Curt Scarborough. Each course is a chapter by chapter study through a book or books of the Bible; the 20 courses cover all 66 books (1,189 chapters) and include a comprehensive examination at the end of each course.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

120 undergraduate credit hours

Student must complete the twenty courses described above, plus write extra Bible study assignments on selected chapters using Dr. Scarborough’s COME-REAP methodology. Each of these courses with the extra assignments earns the student a total of 6 credit hours, totaling 120 credits for the entire BBS track.

Master of Biblical Studies

30 graduate credit hours

Student must write a COME-REAP preaching/teaching outline study on every chapter in the Bible book or books covered within the course of study. The five major areas of concentration available within the master’s and doctoral tracks include:

Old Testament Law

(including Job) 

Old Testament History

Old Testament Poetry

(excluding Job)

Old Testament Prophecy 

New Testament 

229 chapters 30 credits

249 chapters 30 credits

201 chapters 30 credits

250 chapters 30 credits

260 chapters 30 credits

30 credits

30 credits

30 credits

30 credits

30 credits

Graduate Level Degrees

The graduate degrees at CrossFire Christian College are cumulative. A student mustearn at least 90 graduate credit hours (master’s-level) before being admitted to a doctoral degree program. Three master-level degrees are offered:

Master of Biblical Studies (MBS) 30 credit hours

Master of Ministry (MMin) 60 credit hours (MBS plus 30)

Master of Divinity (MDiv) 90 credit hours (MBS plus MMin plus 30)

Two doctoral degrees are offered at CrossFire Christian College:

Doctor of Ministry 30 credit hours (following 90 credit hour MDiv)

Doctor of Theology 30 credit hours (following 30 credit hour DMin)

If a student earns all five graduate degrees offered by CrossFire Christian College, he/she will have written an expository study on every chapter of the Bible. These bound studies comprise the student’s master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.