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Christian Counseling

distance learning option

Undergraduate Degrees in Christian Counseling

            (Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent)

            ACC: Associate of Christian Counseling (60 undergraduate credit hours)

            BCC: Bachelor of Christian Counseling (121 undergraduate credit hours)


Master’s Degrees in Christian Counseling    

            (Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree with 120 undergraduate credit hours)

            MCC: Master of Christian Counseling (45 cumulative graduate credit hours)

            CPsyM: Master of Christian Psychology (MCC + 30 = 75 cumulative graduate credits)

                    (Awarded when a student completes 30 credit hours on the Doctor of Christian Counseling degree.)


Doctor’s Degrees in Christian Counseling

            (Prerequisite: MCC degree with 45 cumulative graduate credit hours)

            DCC: Doctor of Christian Counseling (MCC + 60 = 105 cumulative graduate cr. hrs.)

            CPsyD: Doctor of Christian Psychology (DCC plus 45 = 150 cumulative graduate cr. hrs.)

Note: a number of alternate degree titles are authorized, in addition to those listed above.

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